Rod and Rita,trip to Europe 2015

This is the first time I have tried to create a blog of our journeys, so hope it works okay …. A year or so ago we decided to go on a trip back to Hamburg, Germany where we married & lived for a while in 1969 / 70, we found this relocation cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas, which left on the 17/04 our 45th anniversary & takes 45 days sailing from Sydney to Istanbul, it also imagetakes in many interesting ports of call we had not yet visited, so we booked, planned & now we are aboard. Our ports of call are Brisbane, Airlie beach, Cairns, Darwin, Komodo Island, Bali, Singapore, Colombo, in India, Cochin, Mangalore, Goa & Mumbai, then hops over to Dubai, Muscat & Salamah in Oman, around the corner & through the Suez Canal, Port Said, then in Israel, Ashdod & Haifa, on to Santorini, Athens & finally Istanbul. We are staying in Istanbul for 7 days then a quick flight to Rome for 7 days, from Rome we are going via eurail to Genoa for 4 days, into France to Lyon for 2 days then Paris for 7 days, then to Amsterdam for 7 days & finally to Hamburg for 18 days to look up some of Ritas relations & generally poke around at the city we have not been back to in all these years.  We have booked apartments in all thes cities through AirBnB, who we have used before a number of times without problems.  We then fly home from Hamburg via Dubai & back to Sydney, just a little over a 14 week trip, the longest we have done. Day 1. Leaving Sydney..      Our cabin & onboard ….   O

Day 2…… Today we just did some ship exploring, met s few people, bit of a rough overcast day outside, tonight is formal dress code at dinner ( yuk ) …..

Had a good formal night, watched a Motown show, pretty good … Day 3 …… Brisbane Arrived in Brisbane port about 5.45am this morning, unfortunately the ship mooring spot is about an hour by bus from the city, so many people have opted to stay onboard, had  breakfast  & just chilling by the outside pool, chatting to people & generally relaxing this morning… Rita chilling by the pool on Rhapsody ….

Day 4 …… At sea day, bit overcast, heading up the coast , quiet day relaxing, chatting with people,  reading,  some  gym  work  &  eating  ( this is a big problem as there is always the temptation to eat far to much  )


The two guys above played beautiful classical guitar & violin ….

Day 5 ……..  Airlie Beach …

Just arrived in the outside anchoring area, too shallow to go any closer, we have to be tendered ashore this morning …

View from our cabin this morning ….

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