Day 23 .. At sea    Day 24 Cochin India Day 25 Mangalore India

Cochin, India & New Mangalore …. Well what can one say about these two cities on the west coast of India, on both days we met another couple & shared a taxi, we then proceeded to zoom around and see as much as we could in the time allowed, both days having to be back at the ship by 4pm.  Both being pretty condensed we saw enough, photos below give a picture of these areas.  What mostly strikes you is the amount of rubbish / garbage everywhere, yet hundreds of people, mostly men doing zero, sitting & chatting, selling their wares to whoever will buy at whatever price they ask or you pay.  All around everything is old, broken & very used, some beggars mostly young women with babies on their hips, everyone seems to just enterprise for themselves not as a collective unit.   We watched the way they catch fish in huge nets just off the shore, the catch being measly small fish & not many of them. Was a good 2 day look into their lives.



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