Day 26 … Goa, India

Unfortunately  we received some bad news from home that Rita’s dad has had a fall at Calvary & has a broken femur, that with his dementia is not a very good sign, Rita is obviously not taking it the best …….

A day in Goa….. Congestered, dirty, rubbish everywhere all over the streets, people’s yards, rooftops, anywhere it can be put & not taken away, no wonder their are illnesses in these parts, apparently the thousands of young men basically doing nothing think they are too well educated to clean up & it just does not happen.  Yet in the market places the stalls are mostly tidy & neatly stacked , yet outside shambles, in the local creeks and large water drains it is just filth !!!!  So far India is disappointing, maybe it is just where we are, Mumbai tomorrow will be ?????

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