Day 27 … Mumbai India

Well  how different was Mumbai, it changed our minds a bit about India, still obviously very congested by far the cleanest city we visited.  We got off the ship at 8.30am, Rita found a fantastic taxi man, we hooked up with 2 other people & for the next 7 hrs our driver took us everywhere we had on our to see list, he was by far the best guide we have encountered, saw all the main sights & attraction Mumbai has to offer & more.  The main central railway station, the huge outdoor laundry, Gandhi’s old home, more temples, even the largest home in Mumbai, 37 stories high, owned by India’s richest man ( shock, he lived in it for 6 months & it is now empty ) an amazing show of mega extravagance in this city of millions,  many who live under cardboard or just on the footpath.  A glimpse of Mumbai below ……

Hotel that was attacked by terrorists , over 250 killed.

Gateway to Mumbai arch
Off to morning prayers ..
Young boys on theit way to play sport
Gandhi”s old residence
Central park
Central washing laundry area
All washing is done by hand
Rita met her match with this holy cow.


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