Day 30 and 31 …in Dubai U.A.E

Gerhard Erich Bunning. G.E.B. ( Opi ) …  RIP

Unfortunately we received some shocking news whilst in Dubai, sadly after a nasty fall, coupled with MRSA & his dementia, Rita’s dad, Opi to all, passed away in his bed at Calvary nursing home on the 17th May.  Quite obviously this is a terribly sad time for us, especially Rita, made more difficult not being home in Australia.

Two years ago while we were at Uluru we received news Opi was acting a bit strange, within a short time he was diagnosed with an aggressive dementia, in the past nearly 2 years he has deteriated rapidly, but for this to happen so quickly is devastating ….. 

This man had a profound effect on all our families lives bar none, he was a husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, story teller, a joke man, collector,  teacher, reader, fossicker, Santa Claus, bricklayer & many other personalities.

The family have inherited many things from Opi, amongst them, a great music collection    ( opi’s style )  a lifetime photo collection, a great book collection, 10,000 bits of glulam, hundreds of fossil & collected rocks, 250 different keys & many other things sacred to him, but most of all his stories, all of which we all know very well as we were told them many times, that’s what you do when you grow older because you are full of interesting tales. 

He will be sadly missed but we believe he will be happy now, no more physical or mental pain, & now able to get back together with his beautiful wife Omi, no more can be said ……

This photo was taken the day before Rita &  I left on this trip ……..Rita is taking this as a sign that he was saying goodbye and that is how she would like to remember him. He was munching his favorite Chocolate and licorice. Hard to believe that only 30 days later he was gone. I love you Dad and you will forever be in my heart. X🌹🌹🌹

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