Day 41 . Ashdod, Israel

Israel …. We were looking forward to Israel & we’re not disappointed one bit, what an amazing small country, we had booked a small tour ( 13 people ) in Australia to Jerusalem & Bethlehem.  The ride out to Jerusalem was through standard type farming country with houses condensed on all the hillsides, they live close to one another.  After about an hour we arrived at  Jerusalem & wow, we were amazed at what we saw, the old city is spread out over the hill with the western wall the most dominating feature, it is massive, you cannot really comprehend what you are seeing & how this came to be so long ago …. We then drove down into the city & for the next 4 hours explored on foot the many intricacies of this mind boggling place which we all have read about & been told about in school days.  Our guide, Doron did all he could to explain this complex area, some of the Jewish religious practices are unusual, especially the young boys & men chanting in Hebrew inside some areas & at the western or wailing wall.  We saw where Jesus was born & where Mary & Joseph lived & met, the room of the Last Supper, the crucifixion & where his body was laid to be embalmed & finally resurrected, obviously you believe & take in what you yourself want. It was all fascinating that is for sure.

We explored the labyrinth of lanes, in the 4 quarters, including the Arab & Jewish section, X-ray bag checking all over, the various chapels, & significant religious spots are just beautiful in architecture & decoration & are devoured by true believers who come here as a once in a lifetime visit…..Truly fasinating…

We then left here & drove to Bethlehem not to far away, once again the churches, chapels, all built & decorated in precise ways to story tell why they were built & what the use was to be, how did they built these amazing structures so long ago with only manpower ?

It was a long  & hot 9 hour day but worth every minute, finally arriving back at the ship around 6pm …… Photos to follow…



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