Day 42 … Haifa, Israel

Today  we had a newer bus, same guide Doron & the same group as yesterday.  We left at 8am & our tour today was called a northern Israel biblical tour. once again we saw things we did not know existed, we drove to the sea of Galille ( it’s a lake ) but always called a sea.  We went to the place where the multitudes were fed with fish & bread, the wedding spot where Jesus turned water into fine wine.  The sea of Galille is a big expanse of water, about 40k wide & 70k long, it is Israel’s only fresh water lake & supplies hundreds of thousands on people with fresh water, and as Israel does not get much rain it is filled by the 6 underground springs nearby.

The day ended by a trip to the highest point in Haifa, which is directly over the Ba’hai religious groups amazing gardens, the view was spectacular.  Back to the ship by 5 ish & before you know it you are on the way again, a fantastic 2 days in this amazing country……

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