Day 43 .. Santorini, Greece

We arrived in Santorini Bay Area around 9am, the entry to this bay was very picturesque coming in through the Greek islands, we had to moor about 1klm off the coast as water not deep enough.  The sight in front of us was just as you see in travel magazines, white cement homes stuck to the hillside, very steep going up to the top where there are many more bars, restaurants & dozens of small colorful art & craft shops.  Once we were ashore you go to the top via a gondola, on the donkeys or walk, as there were long lines for both we chose to walk, 588 steps with 2 steps in between each of these, took us about 40 minutes, you had to watch for the donkeys going up & coming back down, they really move.  Walking up gave us spectacular views & scenery, glad we did it.  Once at the top we had a Santorini priced coffee.  We then spent the rest of the day wandering around the cliff top, marveling at all the sights, popping in & out of all the varied shops, had a bit of lunch & generally enjoyed this amazing spot.  Mid afternoon it started to rain & got a bit windy, therefore stopping the gondola for a short time so as we had to be back down to catch the last 5pm refer back over to the ship we walked back down, a little harder as the cobblestones are very uneven …… A great day in Santorini, Greece.

Santorini bay

The famous donkeys
A coffee at the top
Santorini selfie
Amazing laneways
And colours
It was cold up there
View down to the ships
The zig zag pathway we walked to the top & down again


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