Day 44 .. Athens, Greece

Next day & already in Pareaus,  the ship port about 30 klm from Athens, we left the ship around 7.30 & walked out onto the street looking for the H on H off bus point, found it 200 mtrs up the road & jumped on, we took a seaside scenic route to Athens, it is amazing how these drivers turn the buses up the narrow Athens lane ways, but they do.  First stop was at The Temple of Olympian Zeus, these columns are still standing after thousands of years.  Next to the Acropolis Museum, just below the Acropolis, wow what an interesting place, artifacts dating back to BC times, also a very well designed & laid out museum.  After a coffee on the roof top cafe looking up at the Acropolis we walked over & commenced the climb up to this historical place & were blown away by the size & scale when we finally walked up & through the front ( along with hundreds of other tourists ) photos below sort of show its scale …we returned to the ship as late as possible looking at more sights on the way … A great day we had in Athens ……..

Archway of Zeus

In the Acropolis museum


Acropolis from cafe at museum


On the way up to Acropolis


Main entry


Side view, plenty of fixing up going on, large scale


Bloody awesome


Rita says best part of her trip seeing the Acropolis !!


Just a massive structure & how ???



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