Istanbul continued …

After breakfast  on day 2 in Istanbul we strolled the streets just admiring all there is to see, had some lunch & walked up to the Grand Bazaar to have a sneak look, we then met Sheila & Steve & went on a Bosporus river cruise to see the city by night, was a great trip, Istanbul is spread out over a large area & viewing by water gives you a better idea of where everything is.

Inside the Grand bazaar

Grand bazaar
Ritas’s fave light shop
Grand it is !!!
Turkisk sweets & live honey log.
Park near Blue mosque

Next day was into the Grand  Bazaar, a labyrinth of domed painted lane ways absolutely filled with everything imaginable for sale, outside every shop, stall, is one maybe two young men who talk you inside then hand you over to the owner or super slick salesman ( or sometimes women ) prices vary & you have to haggle or you will pay far too much …. A great few hour spent in here.

The police presence  is seen all over Istanbul, it is elections on Sunday & things could get hot as many do not want the current ruling party back in & the young people want  changes in many ways….

Police off to work
Trams are everywhere

We met Steve & Sheila again in the afternoon for dinner, they leave to go back to USA at 5am next day, so we had a farewell dinner of typical Turkish food,  walked a bit after dinner before saying final goodbye, we enjoyed each others company the past 7 weeks, a great couple. Hope we can visit them in Atlanta, Georgia next year.

Sheila & Steve

Next morning we moved to our apartment over on the other side of the river near the Galata Tower in Sishane, awesome spot within 250 mtrs of the bus stop & 10 minutes into central Istanbul.  The apartment is on the 5th floor, we knew that there was no lift but you only walk down in the morning & back up at night, so no problem.  It is the most fantastic view back over the Bosphoros & the Blue Mosque, a top location in the residential part of town.  Our pad has a real Turkish modern feel about, all you could want in this city. 

Our pad
Bedroom 1 …
View by night
View by day

That afternoon we  strolled around the new neighborhood & down to the river, purchased a few groceries, fresh fruit & veg. & bread are very inexpensive, got back to our flat by 8pm for dinner, marveled at the awesome night view. It is within 2 minutes of many major hotels, which are obviously built here for the awesome views & on the main transport hub of Sishane 

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