Day 51 .. Sunday…

This is our last full day here, this morning we walked back over the Ataturk Bridge & headed into the city, we checked out the new rail suspension bridge on the way, then at Rita’s insistence we walked up a steep hill  to check out the very large mosque we can see from our apartment, the Sulemantye Mosque, a massive structure visible from most places.  After a bit of a climb from the river we got there & we’re not disappointed, it was a fantastic building, photos show its scale, we looked around outside & then at 2pm entered inside, wow you cannot believe what you see, we even got a very enlightening talk from a male guide about Islam ! He was very sincere…. We then walked in the wrong direction but to our amazement ended up near the Grand Bazaar, therefore once again able to do the long hike back to our place, stopping for cake, coffee, cherries, crispy sardines & fish sandwich on the way home, a great last day in this city. 

New railway suspension bridge
Rarely seen timber building
Amazing mosque
The precision & scale is amazing
View from todays mosque, we live over the back ..

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