Istanbul still continued. …

Thurs, Fri,  we got a bus into city centre on Thursday mornIng & purchased a 48hr H on H off bus ticket, over these 2 days we visited the remaining main tourist sites on the bus route, including the Hagia Sophia Museum,  the spice bazaar, Sultanamet square, walked over the Galata bridge, ate twice the famous fish sandwich, and generally toured the entire area of bus bus routes which take you about 15klm out if the city & over the  Bosphorus Bridge as well as the so called new mosque at the spice market area. …

On Saturday we caught the bus & went to the famous Topkapi Palace, where all the various sultans lived, holidayed & enjoyed themselves in the dozens of elaborate harems.  Also toured the kitchens & dining areas for the up to 5000 meals that were prepared each day, don’t forget this was hundreds of years ago.  Photos can only go so far in showing the enormous scale & complexity of these amazing, well designed & built enormous structures ……it is very overwhelming.  Saturday afternoon we walked from the far side of the city centre into the spice bazaar area, over the Galata bridge & up to where we are staying in Sishane, about 6 klm, it’s the best way to enjoy a city like this….this is one amazing city …


Hagia Sofia museum


Mural inside


Tile mosiac of the prophet


All roofs are domed & tiled


Inside Hagia Sofia showing Muslim inscriptions


Intricate tilework


Domed roof


Just amazing



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