Day 56 … Roma, Italy

Well although Rita is still not well, we went into the city this morning on our local tram, pretty packed full, it stopped at Roma Termini, the main rail station, where we have to get our train to Genoa on Sunday morning so went checked it out.  

We thought Istanbul was busy, but Rome is busier, unfortunately it is also very dirty, lots of graffiti & even though there are mini skips for all kind of rubbish on all the streets there is rubbish all over the place, cannot understand this, nobody seems to clean up the rubbish.  Also never  seen so many hawkers for everything, even buying any type of ticket, someone will approach you on the street & ask what you are looking for, then take you to a ticket vendor, you buy a token ticket, they must get a commission of some kind, also many beggars, mostly old ladies, it’s very sad.  Also Rome is covered in scaffold, I suppose that they have to protect all the ancient monuments etc as tourism is the life blood of the city. …….. Anyway …

Bought a 2 day H on H off bus ticket and did a circuit.  We got of at the Vatican stop & walked up to St Peters square intending to go inside & see the Cistine Chapel but there were hundreds & hundreds of people lined up & we would have been there for hours, so unfortunately after walking up to the front of the Vatican we gave it a miss.  We walked around that area, got back on the bus & then got off at the Trevi Fountain stop,  yep covered in scaffold !!  Rita was hanging in, but obviously not good & could not walk far so we got back on the bus & did a complete circuit, it was afternoon so not as crowded & easier to see the sights.  So today the H on H off bus was more of a H on bus !! 

Still, we saw heaps &  think these buses give you a great way to orientate yourself to these cities & you get a feeling for what is available, Rome is full of beautiful old buildings, quaint streets, amazing Roman structures, as well as people with bad breath, maybe the morning espresso, salami & cheese & onion & garlic are not a good combination ??  On the good side we had lunch at a fantastic deli type cafe & the panini’s & pizza were amazing.  Rita has made me add I am the hungry one not her, how can you help yourself, we all need 2 espresso’s, prosciutto, cheese, pizza slice, profiteroles, limoncello etc to keep going,  do you agree???  Rita is rolling her eyes now as I am going in to cook Italian sausage &  risotto for dinner, forgot to add I just had 2 Peroni’s.




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