Day. 58 in Roma, Italy


Inside the churches are amazing
Not a bad bird pond !!


Unfortunately some more bad news from Cee this morning, our good mate Murray Hiles, aka Muzza, had a heart attack during this week & after some time in J.H. Hospital sadly passed away.  This is terrible news for his beautiful wife Eve & all his family, he was only a young man in mid forties …… a terrible tragedy… RIP …. Murray …..

Today we had to get into the city early as we only had one hour left on our bus ticket, so we used it to get around to the Trevi Fountain, which we had already seen, and headed off on foot on the other direction to do some foot exploring & what a day it turned into.  We visited about 6 churches, went up to the Spanish steps, on further to the French Arts centre, up to Pincian Hill gardens, down to the Michelangelo museum, then continued on our walk and bumped into the Roman Pantheon before at the end of the day going into the Altare Delia Patria which is the main huge museum building in centre Rome, heavily guarded & strictly controlled.  Our day was fantastic, we did not realize just how many important historic buildings & structures there are in Rome, it is truly magnificent.

Spanish steps
View from top of Spanish steps

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