Day 60 . 61 . 62. Walking Genoa

We spent the next two days exploring on foot the lower harbour side area, walking around the super yacht mooring area, we spoke to a young guy who was 2nd engineer on a massive white boat belonging to Roman Abromovich, the Russian  billionaire who owns Chelsea soccer club, he was parked next to a big black boat called 7seas which is owned by Steven Speilberg, $200 million toy !!! took a few photos & googled names of boats & it was theirs alright.  We then walked around & just sort  of found the main historical buildings of Genoa.  Next day did the same but another area.  On the 3rd day we walked upwards from our flat to see how high up the hilly roads we could get & once again found a great castle up there but unfortunately could not get in…. 

We really enjoyed our 3 1/2 days in this beautiful scenic city, made better by the location & friendliness of Federica our flat owner.  Thursday morning ( today ) up at 5:00am to get to train station to get the 6:30am train to Lyon, France, our next stop.


Old crane at the waterfront
Large wooden sailer .
Abromovich small boat ..
Steven Speilberg toy !!


Yep, another amazing church
Murals painted far up in the ceilings..
Genoa museum
Central square fountain

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