Day 63.. Train to Lyon, France


Our apartment in Lyon
our pad in Lyon …

 The train trip to Lyon went smooth, some interesting country, still snow up high in the mountains, caught a local bus to our next apartment in the Terreaux district, which is in the middle of Lyon, tons of little patisseries, bars & restaurants, Jim met us & showed us our pad for next 2 days,, great place in a great spot.  We walked our new neighborhood for a couple of hours, got some supplies & headed home.  Here & in Italy it does not get dark until about 10:30pm & light again about 4:30am, some of the bars only open at 9:30pm until around 3:30 am.  Late at night many families are still hanging in the local park with their kids, chatting, drinking, smoking & generally socialising, but in the morning around 8ish it is still quiet.

Next morning, Friday we left our pad about 9am to go exploring, we headed over the river on one of the many bridges into the old quarter & spent the next few hours looking around this fascinating area.  We could have rented for a few euro Velo bike & ridden, but we will leave that until Paris.  We then headed up to the highest point in Lyon to the Basilique Notre-dame  de Fourviere, which is the main church built at the highest point in Lyon, another stunning piece of historic architecture which beholds your imagination, once again, how ???

The health app on my iPhone tells me we are averaging around 9 kilometers per day, that must be why we are buggered.

Back home about 5pm for coffee & pastry, had dinner at 8:30 at a local Japanese place.


From train, snow in the alps.
Local cake shop
Fountain in the public square
Near our pad
Around our area
One of many bridges in Lyon
By the river


St Pauls church, 9th century


Ready for lunch ?
Fragrance shop
On our way up to the top.
Rita on a velo !

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