Day 67 …. Paris, France

   After a huge walking day yesterday we decided to just go & visit the Pompidou Centre as it is only a 3 minute walk from our flat & houses some major artists painting as well as other exhibitions.  The building itself is it its third generation, so even though it is way out industrial architecture it is still a great building  for its age, needing some maintenance.   We saw a few great exhibitions & many special works of art from well known artists, Picasso being one, but I thought the place itself was a bit under utilized.  I prefer M.O.M.A  in New York or our very own  M.O.N.A  in Hobart.  Anyway we enjoyed our time in there.  After leaving it turned very cold outside but we still walked down towards the Louvre & somehow ended up at another amazing church, the  Saint Eustache church     which is situated near Chatalet de Halles.  Once again we were gobsmacked at yet another fantastic church structure, even though it is having some work done on it at the moment.  We left & as it was starting to rain seriously and headed back to our pad, stopping for cakes & pastries to have with our afternoon coffee.  Their is far  to much temptation in this city. 


Pompidou Centre
A view from the top

Close view
Some art works
Rita in the chalk room
Her inscription

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