Day 68. .. Paris ….

Today we headed to I suppose the ‘ piece de resistance ‘  of churches, for Paris, if not for the whole of France, the  Basilica Notre Dame de Paris, it was awesome in all respects, we have seen many churches, mosques, synagogues & religious places in the past 10 weeks & this one is probably near the top of the list …… Built & re-built over many hundreds of years, starting in 1163 right up until today, this is an unbelievable building of enormous proportions & detail, to think that the initial design dates back to 1163 is well truly outstanding…. Photos below show through the decades ……..


Inside Notre-dame

Beautiful glass work
Side of Notre-dame
Paris is well guarded by Gendarmes …
1163 the beginning



1780 a bit lull in work

Now after 852 years
Today June 2015


Glass work
One of many areas

An absolutely awesome structure is Notre Dame ………….photos are dark as  not much  light inside & flash not allowed …….  all photos on the blog are from my  iphone 6  plus which I got especially for this trip so i would not have to  carry my Canon DSLR around with me ……

After leaving the church we continued on to find the Paris Pantheon, crossing over one of the numerous bridges in Paris, this one covered in padlocks, thousands of them. These are called the Paris ‘ love locks ‘ and are put there by couples for obvious reasons, apparently many hundreds of thousands are to be removed ….. Do not know why !!!!

After checking out the Pantheon, we walked back toward our home via the beautiful Luxembourg  palace &   gardens, truly spectacular. Once again home about 6pm … Another great day in this city ….

‘ Love lock ‘ bridge


Thousands of locks


Paris pantheon
Huge columns on Pantheon


Viee from Pantheon down to the Eiffel Tower
Work on Pantheon






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