Day 69 .. Paris …

This morning we started out late, about 11am, we wanted to find out about a Seine river cruise so headed down to the fantastic pathways that run all the way along the Seine right through Paris.  We got a bit side tracked & found another church, yes correct, it was the small Saint-Germaine l’Auxerroid and a beautiful small church it was just across the road from the top entrance to the Louvre. We then headed through the Louvre courtyard and then took a turn left toward the river, walked down for a while & came across the Petit Palais & the Grand Palais, we went into the Petit & spent some time looking at all the amazing displays there, old, fine and beautiful.  We then walked back to the river on the other side and walked along what is called the ‘ les Berges Rive droite ‘ an area set aside for all kinds of recreation for adults and kids as well.  It is  in front of the Musee de d’Orsay.  There we found a barge trip for the next day which will take us away from the main river onto a smaller one, the locks of Saint-Martin, ending at Parc de la Villette some 3 hours away, hopefully will be a good trip.  Then headed home about 6pm.

   The very unusual thing here in Paris is the daylight, it is not dark until 10:30 or even later and light again by 3:30 / 4:00 am, then when you wake in the morning say at 8:00 /8:30 the place is lifeless, it really is a late afternoon, night existence here. 


Inside Saint-Germaine
We love the cobble stone streets
Louvre forecourt
Great river barges
Another monument
Winston Churchills famous words.
The man himself




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