Day 71 … Canal tour in Paris

Today we went on our delayed from yesterday canal cruise, we chose one that will take us up the Saint Martin canal.  Arrived at 9:30 for a 9:45 start, we cruised up the Seine for about 15  minutes,  past the side of Basilica Notre-Dame then turned left into the first lock which raised us up 7 meters, very interesting. Over the course of the next two hours we went through another 7 locks, raising us up from the river Seine level 27 mtrs.  The Trip did not actually take us far, maybe 15-20 klms but it was really good to see this system.  Also in a number of locations where there was a road over the canal in front of the lock, the road bridge also swung open.  When we reached our destination which was Parc de Villette, we walked a bit, found a baguette shop, purchased some lunch and went into a beautiful park &  had a picnic.  We then caught a bus back into Chatelet & home.  A great day again, tomorrow morning we leave Paris ….

The ‘love lock’ bridges are being slowly taken away & this one has paintings all along it.

The start of our cruise

One of the many bridges we passed under


Notre-Dame from the river


Another view


From the end of the river island Notre-Dame is built on.


Entering lock one, St. Martin canal.


In the lock


Look close you can see the different height


About half way


Many pleasure boats moored along the canal


We went through a water tunnel for 18 minutes, awesome.

In the tunnel


Fascinated is Rita


Nearly the end


Letting the water back in.


Sometimes it is very powerful.


Along the lock


Plenty of graffitti


And more


Another lock


Nearly at the end

The Paris Institute of Musique,


Lunch park


Park pano


Homes beside the park




In front of a mural


Government building at Hotel DeVille plaza


Front view



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