Day 73 …. Amsterdam

We decided today to explore the town we are staying in called Zaandijk, the area itself is called Zaanse Schans and is an extremely popular tourist spot as we discovered.  Many windmills which were elsewhere have been moved or restored along the river apposite where we are staying.  We rode our bikes around all the small canal streets and lanes, looking at many beautiful homes next to the canals, some people have great spots & can have a small boat at their backdoor and row or motor wherever they want.  Found a Dutch supermarket, Rita loves nothing more than checking out all the goodies available.  We then rode over the bridge into the touristy spots, walked around fascinated by the various shops, cheese making, clog making, biscuit making, the list goes on, it was very busy.  After that we had a decent ride around the out  lying farm region before returning back home, fantastic day checking out this region, great place to retire !!! 

Canal home, beautiful

Maybe good for me ….
Yep, more food !!
Rita’s thoughts of the day…
They were a tad big ??
Clogs, clogs, clogs
Local scenery
Spotted these 2 e-bikes, a bit inder A$7k each, top of the range.

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