Day 74 .. Amsterdam

We headed off this morning to cycle into Amsterdam central, about a 18 klm ride, cycle ways all the way, although the cycle ways are also used by motor scooters which have a yellow or blue number plate meaning they only travel at a certain speed, many clearly do not stick to that low speed which makes the cycling a bit daunting as you have many scooters zooming past you in both directions. We had to cross the river on a ferry / barge as it is part of the cycle way, then continue on into Amsterdam city where the cycle way are just a strip on the side of the main road, you just have to keep your mind on the job as it is very, very busy as everyone rides bikes.  We have never seen so many different styles and kinds of bikes before, it is amazing. We had a great day cycling around all the canals, it is very busy in the city centre, stopped for lunch near a canal, rode around a bit more before heading back for home at about 6pm.  We struck the home wood bound bike rush, but took our time arriving back about 7:30… .

We crossed over on the ferry into Amsterdam


On the ferry


On the outskirts of the city


Canals everywhere


Fascinating cheese shops


We liked this cafe called Etten, trinkun, sleppen


Canals and cafes


Main canal



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