Day 78… Amsterdam to Hamburg

Left our digs this morning at 7:30am making sure to get to Amsterdam Central in time for our 9:00am train to Hamburg, lucky we went to the info box as we found our train had been cancelled and as this is also the Berlin train & hundreds of younger people were on their way to Berlin this left the morning rail network in shambles.  Reason  being that if you just have a ticket and not an accompanying EurRail pass you are basically told which trains go where and to go fend for yourself. Lucky we have / had a EurRail pass ?? but as our train was cancelled & when we were finally put into a 2 hour later train, and did not have reserved seats on that train, if passengers from that train had our numbers, they had the seats.  This really means that when there is a train problem and so many people are traveling it is whoever gets there first… and after some time it sorts itself out !!!  

To add to the confusion we have this heatwave happening now in Western Europe, hence the train we eventually boarded had little or no air conditioning.  and after being on this train for about 2 1/2 hours the decision was made that they had to get 200 + people off this train as it was over capacity, even the young fresh travelers were feeling the heat. 

 At a station just inside the Germany border we were told to board a bus, then that did not work so we had to go to another train, which took us the the junction station where Berlin and Munich passengers as well as us changed  again, finally we arrived in Hamburg at around 4:30pm.  This cannot have happened on the German rail network !!   Some family members from Rita’s mums side had decided to meet us, but us being very late that did not happen.  We got a taxi to our new place where we are staying for the next 15 days and not long after arriving the Hamburg connection came past ( they had been at the main train station ) and then of course we had kaffee und kuchen, as well as a couple of beers.  This was a very nostalgic event for Rita & myself as we had left Hamburg 45 years ago……. With Andrew tagging along !!

Through the train drivers eyes.

Arrival party…
They were happy we came all the way to Hamburg to visit
We think young Marcel is a bit like Gilby
Local organic healthy food shop
They are not organic or healthy, Rita remembers these cakes as a young girl living here.

Our apartment in Altona, Hamburg


It is a great spot ….


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