Day 80. … Day out with ‘rels’ in Hamburg

We were picked up this morning at 6:30am to go to the Hamburg Fisch Marck ( fish market ) Obviously we had not been there for a long time & it has grown, it is a focal point in Hamburg every Sunday morning from 5am until strictly 9:30am, you can but all sorts of fresh fruit & veg, meat, fish, flowers & potted herbs  & plants as well as many other types  of other goodies, it was pretty packed when we arrived about 6:45am.  We had a fantastic time checking out all the goods & watching the sellers, some are real showmen & they get a large crowd around them & sell their goods, it was fun to watch. We purchased a few things, especially toward 9:30 when they practically give stuff away.

We then went on a nostalgic trip to Iserbrook where Rita & I lived with Rita’s grand parents in 1969 1970, was great to see some of the original homes in Andersenstrasse still being in use.  We walked up to the local pub & store then continued on our journey to the river town of Blankenese, only 10 minutes further which was where we were married, it is still a beautiful locality right on the Elbe river.  

We then went onward to Margaret, Sandra, Christian & their kids home for a BBQ.  They live in a peaceful rural area about 40 minutes from the city.   We had beers, wine, schnapps and a great feast of fish, meat & everything associated with food, by the end of the feast we were all very full, it was great. 

Rita with her 2nd cousin Margret
Rita and Sandra
Fish market Hamburg
Amazing fruit & veg..
More of it …
Hamburg Fisch Markt, everybody heads there on Sunday mornings early ..
Everything is fresh ..
Auctioning pot plants very cheap ..
Mega asparagus

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