Day 83 .. Hamburg… 

Today is to be a big day as Rita’s fathers brothers & sister are coming to our place this afternoon for a visit & dinner …..

We spent a very cold, windy day in our local area, I went for a bike ride in the morning then we  walked to a little shopping area I found, we purchased two small carry on bags to consolidate our travel luggage, they were exactly what we had been looking for….

Got home mid afternoon to prepare for tonight  …… The distant family arrived at 5pm we had not seen one brother Gunter & the sister Suzanne & her husband Winfred for 45 years, the other brother Horst & his wife Elke were in Australia 9 years ago so we had had contact with them…. The evening went great, plenty of story telling, they all cannot believe how good Rita’s German is, I called her German motor mouth.. I practiced my German, went okay & I understood most of the conversations that we’re going on full force.     It was a good night catching up with these people ….

Winfred, Horst, Gunter, Rita, Elke, Susanne.

Susanne & Rita
Susanne, Rita & a bit crazy Winfred
Elke, Rita, Horst
Susanne, Rita
Both look like their Mums

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