Day 84 …. Hamburg … Light show

Today was also very cold & windy ( typical Hamburg ) tonight we are going to watch a water & light show at Planten un Blomen, a central Hamburg park, the show is not on until 10pm as it is still light until then, we went into the city after lunch & walked around ending up in a large shopping centre, Europa Passage which is very new & a great place.  We stayed at Europa Passage for a couple of hours as outside was freezing, even the local Hamburgers were feeling the chill.  At around 6pm we went over to the Hamburg Rathaus again to wait for Margret, Sandra, Christian & kids to arrive, it was cold and started to rain seriously.  They all arrived at 7:30pm as they parked their cars at a U bahn station not far from town, we walked in the rain to a typical German food / beer hall, restaurant about 2 klm’s away.  We had a fantastic traditional German meal as well as a couple of one litre steins of beer.   After dinner we headed off to see the light show, another  2  klms away and it was well worth going there.  This show is on every night in summer at 10:00pm, goes for 1/2 an hour and was realy great, water and light with music …………..thanks again to ‘the Bork’s’ for a great, cold evening ……   finally getting home about 11:30pm.

A wet waiting day in Hamburg

They still arrived with smile…
Big beers & coke for Yannick
Do you think Rita drunk this beer ????
Sandra & Rita
That meal explains the extra kilos around the waist ….
Planten un Blumen
Family Bork & Rita….
Water & light show

Light show






Hamburg Telefunken tower at night


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