Day 85 … Hamburg, around the traps.

Today Rita decided that we are going on a train trip to nostalgia land, to check out where she was born, where we lived, where we were married and where her dads first house was …. 

We caught the train into Hamburg and got on the Wedel line out of the city, we stopped first at Blankenese, which is where we were married 45 years ago.  We did not know exactly where the large building was and as we were having a coffee, looking at a local map when a young woman asked if we needed any help, we told her what we were doing and she was fascinated we were from Australia and told us the building was a 5 minute walk away.  We walked around and happily found the ‘ Standesamt ‘ which was the marriage registery in those days ….. We then walked around Blankenese, a beautiful Elbe riverside village, full off little boutique shops, galleries and quaint homes, both small and large, a fantastic Hamburg town.

We got back on the train and went a few stops further to Rissen, which was where Rita was born, where her dad’s first small home was and also where I worked in Rissen Hospital all those years ago.  What we found was a beaut little village, with a strip of shops and business’s that looked like it would be a fantastic family living location, a mix of both restored old buildings as well as new semi modern buildings.  We really enjoyed walking around checking out this beautiful spot …….

Back on the train and onward a couple more stops to Wedel, end of the rail line in that direction, where Rita, Rolf and I used to take the old sleds and go snow sledding down the pathways in the local forests.  All  was changed and it was now a small city, very close to the water, had a walk around Wedel before hopping back on the train to go back to Iserbrook, where we lived with Rita’s grandparents in 1969 / 1970.  We walked around for well over an hour looking at all the places that had changed as well as what had remained the same as we remembered…

A very emotional day for Rita as she would have loved her Mum and Dad to have known that she was in Hamburg at these memorable locations …………..   A great day we had ……….

Blankenese market day

Fresh flowers
Fresh fruit
More fresh flowers
and more
Standesampt Blankenese
We found it …
Now a ‘ law school’
Stood here 45 years ago !!!!

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