Day 86 … Hamburg .

Today, Saturday we are invited to Rita’s cousin Dieter’s home in Finkenwerder for an afternoon BBQ, we were there last week, now his boys and father are also coming over.  Dieter picked us up at 1:00pm and we drove through the Elbe tunnel over to his area, we continued on to have a quick visit at one of the many berry farms over there, we had a look around, purchased some strawberries, also cherries and johannis berries, which are like small sour tasting clear skinned cherries.  We got back to Dieter’s about 2:30pm and soon after his two sons, Tim 28 and Dirk 34, with Dirk’s girlfiend Agnes arrived, not long after Dieter’s dad Didi, who is 89 was picked up and also arrived, Didi is Rita’s mums sister, Tekla, who passed away many years ago, husband.  He, as well as the two boys speak very good english so it was great for me, as they are all full of questions about Australia and our families and their lives.   We had a fantastic afternoon BBQ cooked by Gabi, Dieter’s  wife, a few beers, wine and a drum session from Dieter, he is a drummer, teaches drumming and music to kids in his area.   A great day was had by all with promises of visiting us in Australia by the boys when they can …….


Country farm house
Cherries on the tree
Yes wine from asparagus
Dieters family, Didi ( dad ) Gabi, Agnes, Dirk, Tim , Dieter & Rita
Tim, 28 & brother Dirk 34, good brothers
Gabi & Agnes
Dad, Didi 89 years old
Family BBQ
The back yard
Tim, ready for entertaining that night

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