Day  88  ….. Trip to the North Sea ….

This morning, Monday, we were picked up by Rita’s uncle Horst and his wife Elke ( Horst is Rita’s dads half-brother )  we are off on a trip about 120 klm to the Hamburg summer holiday spot called Bosum on the NordSee.

Horst is a lover of cars and has a near new BMW 316i and he is very proud of it.  We went for a quick look at where they live only about 10 minutes by car from our flat here in Gluckburgerstrasse.

After we looked around we took off for our day out, Horst new BMW has all the tehnical mod cons and even at 76 he controls everything, off course on the autobarn here in open areas you can travel at 220 kph !! We got up to 180 kph and had people passing us ……. bit quick for us …..  On the way up north we saw why Germany leads the world in solar and wind power, there are hundreds of wind turbines in the countryside and even farm sheds are covered in solar panels, German of course, they generate more than they need and sell off the excess.  

Australia needs to wake up and see this as we are the country of much sun yet our government is not going with the rest of the world with this technology, Australians should be given solar panels at a very cheap cost as this is the way of the future, not continually digging for coal and approving ridiculously huge open cut mines which destroy the farm lands ………….enough said …..

We arrived at Bosum about 11:00am had a coffee, walked around a bit, had a great fish lunch, then went down to the water.  It is much different than at home as they have huge tides, so everybody takes off their shoes and walks out the the deep water looking for large worms.  On the grass near the beach there are sun shelter big enough for 2 people to sit in with a shade cover over them, it is very formal way of going to the seaside.  We then went for afternoon coffee, and mor chatting, as Rita is really enjoying learning much more about her family than she ever knew.  We then headed off home arriving about 8:00pm, said bye to Horst and Elke, hoping we will see them again one day.  It is all a bit difficult …….. as everyone is getting older !!


Horst, Elke and Rita
Wind turbines by the hundred
The way to go for power
At Bosum …
Bosum harbour
Old sailing boats
Fish and chips for lunch


Lets go to the beach
Walking out to the tide mark
The sun shelters
Formal beach shelters
Close up
North sea on the border of Denmark
Bosum main street…
Great battery powered bikes

Thank you to Horst and Elke


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