Day 89 and 90  .. still Hamburg

This afternoon we are getting a guest for two nights, she is an old friend of Rita’s parents, they arrived in Australia at the same time in 1952.  She lived in Australia for 9 years, then in USA for 32 years and moved back to Koln, Germany 13 years ago, we met her in Florida in 1991 when we were there with Rita’s parents and Daniel, she was excited we were in Hamburg so is coming up here to see us on the train.  We went for a local area walk and found yet another interesting area near us, then went back to our flat to wait for Rosemary.  She arrived about 6:30pm and after dinner the night was spent chatting and reminiscing over the past and her life now in Cologne, finally going to bed very late.

The next day we took her into Hamburg on the train and walked about for a few hours, she is 83 years old and needs to rest frequently, we had some lunch and coffee before catching the U bahn back home again as we were being picked up again, this time to go to Rita’s aunt’s home, Susanne and her husband Winfred ( Rita’s dad’ half sister )  We were picked up about 3:00pm by Winfred who is a 71 year old character and a half.  He continually is saying crazy things, he is also an accomplished muso, playing many, many instruments and has his own unbelievable music studio in his basement, as well he paints, draws and carves out of plaster, quite an amazing guy.   On arrival we had ‘ kaffee und kuchen ‘ as usual, followed by home and garden tour then ‘ abendbrot ‘, evening meal ……

Rita is really enjoying these get togethers with her family as it has been a long time and she is finding out all the what, where, why, how and whens for the past years.  Unfortunately these times together end as we are leaving to end our 14 week trip on Saturday evening and it may be a while until either we get back to Hamburg or some family members visit Australia, we are hoping to come back here next year, lets see ?  The goodbye was very emotional from both sides …………..

Rosemary and Rita by the Alster



 A painted ‘Hummel  Hummel  Mors Mors ‘ man

Europa Passage shopping centre .
Time for morning coffee
Susanne and Winfreds garden
Small and private
Susanne cracking up st something I said !!


She is a crack up …


Could not stop laughing ..

Her talented musician husband Winfred.   

Their back garden
Front garden


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