Day 91 … Hamburg …..

This morning we shared stories with our visitor Rosemary, then as it was a bit overcast we caught a taxi to take her to the main train station Altona for her trip back to her hometown,  leaving Hamburg at 3:00pm. Once again a goodbye and hope we see each other again, it was a great little visit with her and she enjoyed herself.

Dieter was picking us up at 5:00pm for the last time together with him, we drove into Hamburg Landesbrucken, the city ferry terminal to pick up his wife Gabi.  We were walking back to his car when he noticed that the man that was captaining the Finkenwirder ferry, the one back to his town, was his neighbour from across the road.  He saw us and beckons us on board up to the control cabin, he captains this amazing vessel alone, it is totally set uo to be controlled by one person.  WE climbed on board and went up top and had a fantastic hour on the run from the city across the Elbe to Finkenwerder and back again.  This was a great trip, totally different to the ferry ride on Sunday as we went a completely different route and saw heaps of Hamburg from the waters edge, it is a beautiful city ….. 

After our ferry trip we went and had dinner at a rooftop restaurant on the harbour before heading back to our flat for a cofffee,, looking at some family photos before yet one more sad goodbye ….. Dieter and Gabi have been really great on this trip  picking us up and seeing plenty of Hamburg scenery and attractions, we thank them for their hospitality, theyretire in a couple of years so who knows what can eventuate …….     

See you again one day Rosemary


The ferry captain, with Dieter , Gabi , Rita
He has a great job
Landunsbrucken, Hamburg harbour


Flying the flags
Pano of Landunsbrucken
Ships bell ..

Hamburg and Germany flags

Wharf office building on the harbour


Gabi and Rita


On the Elbe


On the wharf


Evening dinner


Pretzel bread.. yummy


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