Day 92 … last full day in Hamburg …

Today is the last complete day we are in this amazing city, tonight The Bork family, Margret, Sandra, Christian, Yannick, Johanna and Marcel are coming to our flat for a farewell dinner at 5:00pm.  We headed into the city for a bit a last looking around and to buy a couple of jackets for our pending return to Australia on Monday morning where it is going to be a bit of a shock for us as we are in summer here.  When we arrived in the city from the ‘U’ Bahn we found barriers and marques erected everywhere as this weekend is the World Triathalon Hamburg series, swimming in the Alster, running and cycling, would have been great to see.  We had a midday coffee and a snack, found our jackets and headed off home again to prepare some food for tonight.  The Borks arrived at 5:00pm and we chatted, had a beer, looked at photos from way back, had evening dinner and before we knew it, it was time for them to go home.  No farewells yet as they are going to come by and take us  to the airport tomorrow afternoon.  

This family have been fantastic as tour guides, drivers, suppliers of delicious food and generally great hosts, they truly love their city Hamburg and love showing their guests from Down Under this fantastic place ……

Lets hope Hamburg does get the 2024 Olympic Games as it would be a fantastc city to host them……

Thanks again for looking after us so well, we will never forget ………………

Amother Hummel man

Thank you Bork family
Thank you Margret


They are just a bit crazy !!!
Cheers to Sandra
Concentrating Christian. a good dad …



 Hey man, what chew doin boy ???  

Thank you Suessnap family


Thank you Hamburg

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