Day 93… last day in this crazy, beautiful city…

Tonight we fly home, 6 hours to Dubai, 4 hour wait then 14 hours to Sydney … Whoa !!!!

A snapshot of some of Hamburg, why it would be very easy to live here !!!!!!! 

It is hard getting Rita to leave ……….


Fisch market on Sunday mornings ..
Fresh and cheap
A floral city is Hamburg
More freshness
Motor scooters ..
Beautiful painted homes
Yummy erdbeern
Crazy cakes
The harbour

Bikes of all kinds everywhere



 Make coin however you can !!

Hummel Hummel Mors Mors !!!!!!!!! 

More to come today …… It’s not over yet !!!!






One reply to “Day 93… last day in this crazy, beautiful city…

  1. Yippee!!! The in laws are coming home!!!!!! Lots more fabulous photos from Hamburg, we saw lots of Germany on our world trip, but missed Hamburg, you have given us an excellent coverage. Makes us want to go back and include Hamburg! Travel safely, see you SOON!!!!


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