Day 94 and 95  .. Last day Hamburg & fly home ….

Saturday morning after final packing we went for a last walk around our area Altona Nord.  Margret, Christian and Yannick picked us up around 3:00pm to take us to the airport.  On the way there we went past the new Hafen City which is being built on the edge of the harbour in hopeful preparation for Hamburg’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.  Already there are many medium height apartment blocks, shopping areas and commercial spaces, all constructed in both modern and old harbour style, it is very impressive, all that will be missing will be the main stadium and there is space for that. Also located here is the cruise terminal and docked there now is the liner ‘ Mein Schiff 1 ‘ which  is the ship the Bork family are going on in October from Majorca to Rome. We then headed to the airport and it was exactly as we had seen at Miniature World.  Checked our bags in and had a coffee before having to say our final goodbyes as we had to go through  both security and immigration, ( once again Rita set off the alarm and this time got a full body scan, I think she has some metal body parts  as the same happened in Dubai and she was taken into a booth and checked again ? Full body search ? )   Immigrantion nearly did not happen as the Immigrantion officer could not find the stamp to show where we entered Europe, which was in Rome, she eventually waved us through.  The family waved to us until we went out of sight, it was a sad time but we will be back here, maybe next year, we will see ?  Finally boarded our flight to Dubai at 9:30pm.

Arrived in Dubai at 5:30am and had to find things to do until 10:15am when we boarded the Emirates A380 880 Airbus, a massive thing only wish we could have sat in the top section, even had a bed, but at many thousands of $$$ we sat  down the bottom for our very long 14 hour flight to Sydney, the time being because of the Sydney airport landing curfew before 6:00am.  The flight was okay, but next time we think we will have a stop over half way ……… By 7:30am next morning we were at Central railway looking for a train home….

The new Hafen city


Yannick, Christian, Margret, Rita in front of Mein Schiff 1.


Rita at Hafen city

The Hamburg gang, minus Sandra , Johanna and Marcel
Hamburg airport


Just like miniature world
Family waving goodbye, we will be back.
Early morning Dubai


A380 880 Airbus
Touch down Sydney..
Waiting for Cee at Morriset for final leg home

To  Be  Continued………      



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