We arrived this morning in Lisbon after a very rough, choppy night, we also had very strong currents and therefore docked about an hour late … We had a bus tour planned for today & eventually left on this around 11:00am..   The  tour was 3 hours and we saw plenty of Lisbon, a city Rita & I visited in 1969 on our way to Europe as young under 20’s …… Yes it had changed but we were able to go & see a couple of the major monuments we saw all those years ago, mainly the ‘ Monument to the Explorers ‘ down on the Tigris River.

  Lisbon is an evolving city, there is construction all about especially to by the main cruise terminal where they are expanding the entire foreshore, it will be great when finished.  Lisbon city can dock at present 5 cruise ships along this area now & has realised the importance of these cruise ships bring economic benefits to the city, the fact that the ships dock right in the city at the wharves with the entire Lisbon as a mural from the ships is spectacular, it certainly is an exciting small city doing what it has to for its share of this major tourism economy …. We really enjoyed seeing this city again & maybe will again one day in the future …….


FIirst glimpse, Explorer monument ….. zoomed photo ..
No we are not in San Frncisco, same designer though !!
Monument to the Explorers ….
Madalena Church …
Rita in Praco de Imperio…
Lisbon Sao Nicolau …. viewing lift in city …
Beautiful stone floors ….
Amazing old buildings …
Plaza stone paving, fantastic ….
It is so beautiful …
At the Torre de Belem … fort by the river ….
Chiado in Lisbon …


Lisbon tuk tuk’;s for hire …
Motorway entrance tiling …
Legal ‘ street art ‘; …



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