Days 21 to 22 onboard & in Paris, France …..

We arrived in Le Harve the port city which is the water gateway to Paris, The ship has included excursions in all the ports and today was a bus trip into Paris, a guided tour around the main highlights of Paris,, some free time to explore yourself then taken back to the ship ….

 Le Havre is approx. 190 klm from the centre of Paris, so a 2 and a bit hour bus ride, Viking have their own buses in the main areas and they are very modern and comfortable, you have also a local onboard guide who tells you all about what, where, why, how & when.  They are very informative.  We left the ship at 8:15am and had a very pleasant drive into Paris, we then drove pasr all the major tourist spots, stopping where possible for photos.  Rita & I could not believe we were in this city only 10 months previous after never being there in our entire lives !   After the drive around we were dropped at the Winston Churhill statue next to the Petite Palais and were given 3 hours exploring time. 

 Those who had never seen Paris before bolted in every direction as 3 hours in Paris is   ??????

We walked up the Champs Elysees  looking at all the up market NAME brand stores, most packed with Chinese people, off loading piles of cash for the  ‘ NAMES ‘ on the product, admittadly these goods are beautiful & very well made but when you see a handbag for 22,000 euro ( A$32,000 ) you wonder, there are some for A$5,000 so I suppose all tastes are catered for !!

We went into a couple of car display showrooms & it is pretty amazing how they are all now prototyping small & very small electric  vehicles as well as over the top really flash cars as well ….. 

Some photos below …..

On the way to Paris, canola fields …
Shipping containr gas station, love it ….
No coal here, 7 nuclear & solar only ….

One of the most photographed structures in the world …
She must be famous ? …
This girl was everywhere in Paris …
Great stautue of ‘ the reader ‘ …
So was this girl everywhere in Paris …

Paris police on beautiful horses …

Paris Grand Palais …..
Outside the ‘ petite palais ‘
Gardens in ‘ petit palais ‘…

Just near Le Havre …….

So that’s Paris done for some time ……………. Now on to London ……

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