Days 34 and 35, last day in Hetlevik and train to Oslo ….

 Monday was our last day at the boathouse so we decided to drive to the end of Askoy island and over a small bridge into another very small island called Herdla, not much there but it is a beautiful island on the North Sea.  We drove slow to enjoy the scenery, it was only 40 klm from our place but we were very happy we went there.   At the end of the road / island is a protected bird migration area, we walked out here but were a bit early to see any arrivals.  We also came across a small cattle farm, where because of the snow season and no grass to eat the cows have to ‘over winter’  in a large barn, they were still in there as the grass was not yet ready for grazing ….. Had a really great day before heading back to our boathouse to pack …….  Photos from our day at Herdla ……..

The town of Herdla …
Quiet fishing scene ….
Norway’s sister to Uluru …..

Cow ‘over winter ‘ feed barn …..

They were very happy cows …
Beautiful white painted home ….. white paint is a sign of wealth ??
The poppies & tulips were starting to bloom …
All tied up waiting to go sailing …
Uluru junior … we could not believe the resemblance …
Thatched roof house …..
Town scene …
They prune the trees very hard …..
Bridge to the island ….
Local restaurant …
A beautiful ‘ tannebaum ‘ ready for Christmas …
AND THAY WAS ‘ HERDLA ‘ …………. Tomorrow train to Oslo ……

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