Days 46, last day Copenhagen boarding Serenade of the Seas …… For trip to Stockholm, Tallin ( Estonia ) St Petersburg ( Russia ), Helsinki Finland and back to Copenhagen ……. 

We spent the  last day in this great liveable city cycling around to visit a few more special places, it is so easy to cycle in most of these Scandinavian cities as they have fantastic cycling infrastructure and realise they must get cars and omissions out of the cities, cycling here even though you do not have  to wear a helmet is very safe, some people do wear helmets, most do not, also it is a different style of cycling, not like mountain bikes, more urban bikes and riding in a more upright position and e-bikes are very popular amongst older folks as well many younger as well, the e-bikes are much cheaper over here than in Oz ……..  Last day in Copenhagen photos here >>>>>>

Flowers, flowers …..
Old army barracks at the end of a large community walking, cycling parkland …
Fountain monument near the harbour …
Cycleways surround this city …
Fountain again ….
Cafe down near the harbour ……
New commercial office blocks all facing the harbour …
Office space near the canals …..
Not only can you rent GO-Bikes, also GO-Boats, with small electric motors, these girls were on a hens day !! ….
Danish Sugar factory ….. no longer …
Still do heaps of walking ….. our knees are wearing out ….
Approx. 300 year old timber and cement home …

We took hundreds of photos, all on our iPhones.  …….  Great travelling camera ……. 

Next up on board Serenade of the Seas ……….

Life on one of the 3300 islands of Sweden ….
Entering Stockholm by water ……
On ‘Serenade of the Seas ‘ …
Central Foyer …..
Lit up at night …..

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