Train from Copenhagen to Hamburg on day 54 …….and our 8 days in Lasbek, 30 klms north of Hamburg.

On day 54 of our trip we disembarked the Serenade of the Seas at 7:15am in the morning as we had to be at Copenhagen Central train station before 9:30am to catch our train down to Hamburg, a 5 hour journey.  We walked around 4klm from the very out of the way cruise terminal  to the nearest S Bahn stop as it was a Sunday and buses were not starting until 8:15am and there was a massive queue for taxis.  We arrived at the Central station in good time a bit worn out but on time, boarded the train at 9:30am and it was not long before we were stepping off the train at Hamburg HBF, to be once again greeted by Margret, Yannick, Sandra and Christian,  just  10 months after leaving them last year ……… It was a great welcome.  We then all drove out to their large multi family home in rural Lasbek, about 30 klm from Hamburg city proper.       Over the next 8 days we once again explored Hamburg, an amazing city, which we really like being in.  We had numerous outings, visiting Lubeck, a day at Schmilau, where we human powered an old rail trolley along a disused train track for 4 klm, then back again.  We had to stop at 4 road crossings each way where we had to open a barrier, flag down any vehicles on the road and then continue on.  We ended that fun day trying to ride all kinds of wobbly bicycles of many shapes and sizes. One night we had a family get together where Margret cooked up fresh asparagus which we had purchased that morning.  On the Wednesday morning Rita & I went to Yannick’s school in Bad Odesloe where we had been asked to speak to his English class about Australia and about our travels, we spoke for 1 1/2 hours and the 16, 16 year olds enjoyed our talk. One evening we went into Hamburg to the Reeperbahn where they have each week a huge food & beer / wine food truck night with food from all over the world.   We once again went to the Sunday morning Hamburg Fisch Markt, and also had a 12th birthday party day to celebrate Marcel birthday.  We attended soccer training and match day as well ……..   All in all a great 8 days thanks to the hospitality of the Bork family  ………..

Our day in Lubeck …..

Many more Hamburg photos to come ……. 
Reeperbahn food night, Margret home family dinner, Fischmarkt, fresh Spargle …
Hommell Hommel Mors Mors, Hofbrauhous dinner, Marcel soccer game, Fischmarkt …
Crazy day in the train track ……
Hamburg harbour, Hamburg flag, on a bike ride in Lasbek …


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