DAYS 69 and 70 in Schwangau … Bavaria ….onto Munich ….

We arrived in Bavaria late morning and immediately after parking our van we cycled the 6 or 7 klms to the centre where everything happens in relation to both Neuschwanstein Castle and  Hohenschwangau Castle, both built and owned by Ludwig the 2nd as his castle folly and as his Bavarian mountain holiday home …….

Lucky we did this as the ticket line up was pretty long, we decided to get tickets that day as they have regulated viewing times and only a certain amount of people are allowed inside at on be time.  We purchased a double ticket for both castles, had to wait a while for tour one which was the Hohenschwangau, we walked up to the castle and it was definitely well worth the visit.  Immediately after tour one we had a long upward hill walk to Castle two, Neuschwanstein,. It is situated up a pretty steep hill and takes some energy getting there, but once again well worth the trek …… Both place are great, although not as over the top decorated as they were only his casual residences, the real castle he wanted to build never eventuated ………  The position in which both castles were built is probably as amazing as the structures themselves, Bavaria is truly a spectacular part of southern Germany ……



We were at the Castles until they closed at 7:00pm, had a great time there, cycled back to our Camper, dinner & relax, ready for tomorrow …… Next day we jumped on our bikes to cycle about 8 klms into Fussen which is the local town, full of Bavarian history, beautiful old buildings and very touristy because of its closeness to the castles.  Lucky we took out p[lastic ponchos as we had rain, sometimes very heavy from about noon and had to ride back to our Camper in it, yes we got pretty soaked, but it was fun …… PHOTOS OF FUSSEN & SURROUDS HERE >>>>>>>>

Beautiful Bavaria …
Colourful Fussen ……
No Rita did not touch Louise …. About the Monastery ….
Monastery in Fussen ….. plus me eating a ‘crackle pork sandwich ‘….
The Monastery ….
Fussen scenes …
We discovered that cows all over the world prtetty well look the same …. except for the Bells in Switzerland
Leaving this great region and on our way to Munich …
We left Bavaria next morning and headed for Munich, because of some road works we were diverted around the huge lake on which our Motorhome park was situated, about a 25 klm detour, winding narrow roads but fantastic scenery everywhere and the lake cycle ways were filled with people riding solo their bikes for fun and exercise ….. We arrived in Munich around midday, found a park for the Camper and off on our bikes to check out Munich for a few hours ……. 


How to get Adrenelin in Munich, surf the canals …….>>>>>>

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