Travelling north back to Hamburg ..Nuremberg, Markranstadt, Leipzig, Berlin.

After Munich we continued to head north, we had wanted to go across to Prague but unfortunately we ere running out of time as we had to be back in Hamburg by Saturday as we had family waiting for us …. We struck plenty of rain in the next couple of days, raining in Nurmburg, Leipzig and also in Berlin.  Photos of Nurmberg, Leipzig and others here >>>

Markrastadt stopover >>….
Nuremburg on a rainy day …..
Nuremburg ……
Still Nuremburg … as usual construction everywhere …
Nuremburg central markets & square …
Still Nurembuirg … great city to see ….
Unfortunately we saw a coiuple of very nasty accidents on the highways… holding up thousands of trucks & cars …. even in the heavt rain cars still passed me doing around 150kph ???

Liepzig in the rain …..
A wet Liepzig ….

And finally into hectic, congested, historic, dirty, graffiti strewn Berlin ………. Next page >>>>>>

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