Leaving Hamburg and  off to  Vienna  …….DAY 78 ….. 

Today we left Hamburg for Vienna once again on the ICE fast train.  Dieter & Gabi offered to pick us up at our apartment and drive us to Hamburg HBF train station.  Our train was at 11:01am, we arrived at the station in time at 10:00am and our train at 11:01 was not yet up on the board showing us which platform we would leave from.  I noticed that the same number train was on the board leaving at 10:24am so I went to the busy ticket office to enquired, ( we got caught last year with train cancellations ) they did not know just said wait until the 11:01am comes up, I walked to where the 10:24am train was leaving from and walked down the stairs to ask the conductor lady, sure enough it was our train and about to leave, at the same time Dieter had realised that could be our train as it was showing Munich and said to Rita they should go to the platform.  I ran up the stairs to grab our bags and we barely made the train after saying a very quick goodbye to them, we then had to drag our bags to the other end of the train as our carriage was up there ….. So much for German trains being the most efficient, they probably are but the timetable was a bit confusing.  It was about 4 1/2  hrs to Wurzburg, Germany where we had to change trains to get on the Vienna line, then another 5 1/2 hours to Vienna, finally arriving at Vienna at 9:30pm.  We then had  a very fast, erratic taxi ride to our apartment about 5 klms out of the city, slumped into bed around 11:00pm ………….. Photos of the Vienna pad here >>>>>>

Our very colourful pad in Vienna ….

We only had two full days in Vienna, we were about 8 metro stops from the city centre and our local metro stop was very close.  On  the first day we went into the city and purchased a two day HOHO bus ticket, this also included a one off river boat trip and a walking tour around the Vienna Opera area.  Vienna was having a hot spell and sitting up on top of the HOHO bus was not that great, so after doing a couple of loops we decided to go on the river cruise, found the correct wharf and onto a river boat we went.  We only had what they called a half cruise ticket, no one asked for our ticket so we ended up staying onboard for the complete trip of 3 hours.  We met a few fellow travellers on the river boat, Rita giving her German a good workout with two couples from Cologne, they did not even realise she was from Australia until she told them, they even said she had a Hamburg accent .. after the boat trip we walked around a bit more and after what turned into a fantastic if not very hot day we  headed back to our apartment at around 8:00pm.    As with other large European cities Vienna has so much to see you really need more time here.   

Next day we once again headed into the city, did a loop on the bus to a different parts of the city, had some lunch at the streets side cafe at the Vienna Opera house and went on one hour  walking tour.  The guide only had 3 guests as it was again extremely hot and we nearly cancelled out a couple of times whilst walking.  Many people in central Vienna were just sitting around in the squares drinking and eating ice creams trying to keep cool.  We finally arrived back at our pad around 7:00pm, drained from the heat, we packed ready to leave for Budapest early the next morning …..


Fresh fruit stall … various monuments in Vienna …
Outside the Vienna National gallery & Museum …. it was feral hot that day !!!
Vienna canal trip …. going for a ride, with my dog, thank you ….
Rita’s German lady frieds, she kept them interested ….. pics from our canal tour …
Vienna, the old & the new …..
Buildings in Vienna… beautiful carriages …. yep ! eating again ….

Lunch outside the Vienna Opera …, who is on soon …
Vienna, well dressed ladies and men, the Paul Gaultier shop ,different ….
Seen in Vienna, pinocchio was there, carriage ride, family outing on & in their pushbikes …..
On our walking tour around Vienna ….. it was really hot !!!!……


That’s it from a very hot Vienna ….. Off on a 3 hour train trip to Budapest in the morning >>>>>>

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