A very hot …. Budapest … Tuesday … Wednesday … Thursday …

This morning we headed over to the spot to board the Danude River boat cruise, there are many hundreds of ships, boats, ferries and touring river boats moored all the way along the banks here as Buda-Pest is one of the most visited cities in Europe and especially popular with river cruises.  We found the spot, berth 8A and boarded the boat, only one hour but a great way to see Budapest from the water.  We cruised past all of the major buildings which front the river including the Parliament buildings and also under 4 of the bridges spanning the Danube here.  Great boat trip.   We then once again border the HOHO and went a couple of stops to the new modern building which is to be the home of many newer style shops and eateries, it was pretty quiet here as it is very new, an amazing structure of steel and glass housed / build between two old warehouse buildings.   From here it was only a 5 minutes walk back into the market hall where we got a bit of lunch at the Aldi store underneath, by far the cheapest and most comprehensive  Aldi we have even been into.  We them again boarded the HOHO and did a complete tour of the city for the next couple of hours before heading home.  After dinner we headed out again, this time to do the night HOHO bus trip, but unfortunately we arrived just in time to see the bus drive past us at the designated stop, waved at the driver but he did not see us ??    Not to worry we had entered the fantastic Fisherman’s Bastion area and so spent the next hour or so here looking at the views at night ….. Home again about 10:30pm after a really full day ………



Onboard our Danube river cruise ….

We went under all the bridges in Central Buda-Pest on our cruise …


This is a new shopping complex on the Danube, we saw these figures on the roof, looked funny, it was two people fixing glass !! ….


Inside this new complex, locals think it was a waste of money, amazing building, no customers for all the shops and cafes ….


Built between two older buildings …

Evenings stroll to ‘Fisherman’s Bastion ‘ on the hill behind our pad … …

Wednesday we had a late start as it was a very hot day, the rest of the week is going to be 30* plus days !!!!  We walked across the Chain Bridge and headed towards the Parliament buildings, they are really very stunning from a distance and up close they are even better … After strolling around there for a couple of hours we walked back toward Saint Stephen’s Basilica up a side street and found a Hungarian restaurant for dinner.  The meal was pretty good, after that we bought another gel-ART-o and slowly headed back across the bridge toward home, it is just to hot to be walking long distances.


Then Thursday we once again walked about 9klm skirting the city and checking out Margaret’s Island which is the Budapest Central Park, looking a bit dry though ….. Couple of afternoon and evening time lapse’s are below … It is a very busy river ……. Here in Budapest that’s for sure ……….

Below are a couple of quick time lapse videos taken from our apartment window, afternoon & nightime, a very busy river ..

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